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Clean oil tanks before inspection

Much of the industry still relies on antiquated and outdated methods of cleaning oil tanks.

It is the person who owns the cistern who is responsible for its safe operation. This includes ensuring that none of the content leaks into nature. It is also the owner who is responsible for the mandatory cistern inspection being carried out by a third party.

The authority for public protection and preparedness, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Work Environment Agency all have regulations that regulate the inspection of cisterns.

How much space does our equipment take up? How long does tank cleaning take and what type of oil can be removed? Learn everything there is to know about cleaning cisterns in our FAQ!


Steam cleaning before cistern inspection

It's that simple: step one is to get all the oil slag out of the cistern. The next step is cleaning. A mobile container is set up on the outside of the cistern, containing a heat exchanger and pump system. Hot water steam heats solidified oil residues, whereupon they are pumped out and then the tank walls are cleaned with only water.

We sell, rent and provide training on technical cleaning equipment for cisterns. All manufacturing and development takes place in Sweden. Do you want to know how our system can help you and your needs to clean cisterns in an environmentally friendly way? Welcome to contact Tanktech! 

Environmentally friendly cleaning of cisterns

We at Tanktech have developed a system and equipment for oil decontamination and cleaning of tanks with minimal impact on the environment - no chemicals are needed and the establishment can take place quickly after you contact us and tell us about your needs. Once on site, a much smaller workforce is required than is the case with traditional cistern cleaning.