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Tank cleaning of oil tanks

By law, all tanks that hold more than 1m³ must be regularly inspected by a third party. We at Tanktech clean tanks of up to 20,000m³ - so that they are emptied and ready for inspection. Something that has long been associated with hard work and dangerous work situations.

Our tank cleaning system consists of a number of modules that are built together into a system based on your needs and conditions. The system is easy to move and easy to use. Tanktech also offers training in using the system!

Cleaning your oil tank

Regardless of whether you store oil, petrol or diesel in your tank, it needs to be inspected and you thereby lose invaluable time when the tank is empty and unused.

What Tanktech offers is a system that greatly reduces downtime and allows the tank to be returned for storage more quickly.

Clean the diesel tank and petrol tank in an environmentally friendly way 

Residues and slags of oil, diesel and gasoline are not synonymous with sustainability or a good working environment. But they are remnants of a production that is a large and important part of everyone's everyday life. What you can do is choose a sustainable alternative to the clean-up process. We at Tanktech want to help you with that. Our self-developed system is adapted for the present - both from an environmental point of view and from a work environment point of view.

We develop the product, manufacture it and offer training in how to use it in the best way. Our system relies entirely on hot water and steam, no chemicals.