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Environment-friendly cleaning of cisterns

and cleaning in industrial tanks and rock rooms 

Tanktech's system for cleaning cisterns is not only an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional industrial cleaning.

It also means a revolutionary improvement in the working environment. All common methods for cleaning cisterns involve a large workload in a health-hazardous environment.

Tanktech's cleaning system is divided into a number of different modules that are assembled into a system based on needs and demand. System basically consists of a main unit, steam boiler and an ISO tank. The units are built inside 20 foot ISO containers and placed on load changer frames for smooth movement and flexibility. The system is designed and constructed to have:

With Tanktech, you get professional help with the most modern method - completely free of chemicals.

Are you looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean industrial tanks? Tanktech's system is designed and engineered to have a quick set-up, small manpower, minimal water consumption and a No man entry approach.

Our system is also applicable to the cleaning and sanitization of rock rooms. To break down oil residues and get them out of the space, only hot water and steam are needed. No chemicals that risk leaking into the storm water.