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Tank cleaning system

Our tank cleaning system is an update from old-time methods. With advantages such as economic and environmental sustainability and higher personnel safety, it is clear that our tank cleaning system belongs to today's requirements and expectations.

Tanktech's cleaning system is divided into a number of different modules that are assembled into a system based on needs and demand. System basically consists of a main unit, steam boiler and an ISO tank. The units are built inside 20 foot ISO containers and placed on load changer frames for smooth movement and flexibility. The system is designed and constructed to have:

  • Fast establishment
  • Small workforce
  • Minimal water consumption
  • Throw length up to 35 m.
  • No man entry

No man entry 

Cleaning tanks and cisterns is a tedious job that few look forward to doing.

With Tanktech's system, it is possible to carry out a large part of the cleaning procedure from the outside of the tank - precisely when the environment inside is at its most dangerous and least hospitable.

It is better for the health of the staff and for the company's finances as you do not need as many cleaning workers - in principle the entire procedure could be carried out by just one person. But for security reasons, more are usually added.

Modern tank cleaning system with many advantages 

Do you also want to streamline and improve the cleaning procedure of tanks and cisterns? Turn to Tanktech, the method is unique in Sweden, as we are the only ones with it in the entire Swedish market.

What we offer is a way to improve safety while saving money and time - periods of downtime while waiting for inspection are significantly shortened, and thus the economy is also made more efficient. But it's not just the system itself that we offer, through us you also get training in how to use it and service maintenance. 

  • Move away from the traditional, tiring way of working
  • Choose a method that meets contemporary expectations and requirements for work environment and sustainability
  • Increase personnel safety
  • Save resources and time

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