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How often should tanks be inspected?

All tank owners know that a regular inspection is part of the operation of tanks and cisterns. As a rule, it must be carried out every six or every twelve years, for oil tankers:

  • Plastic K-cistern: every twelve years
  • Steel S-cistern: every six years

 Is the cistern located within a water protection area? Then the inspection interval must be halved. 

The intervals are regulated according to regulations, laws and rules from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Work Environment Agency, the Norwegian Agency for Protection and Preparedness and the Explosives Inspectorate. 1 juli är datumet som gäller för när besiktning ska vara gjord.

Cisterns and oil tanks are exposed to heavy wear and sometimes even attack. Over the years they become worn. Preventing damage to the cistern from causing damage to the environment and the economy is in everyone's interest. Corrosion is an attack that can lead to major damage, but can only be detected during a check or inspection. Therefore, checks and inspections must be carried out at regular intervals.

Reduce downtime before inspection 

The time between the cleaning of the cisterns and the inspection means a stoppage of operations, which in the worst case means a large financial loss.

With Tanktech's cost-effective system, you can reduce stand times before inspection. This means that you can get back into operation or production more quickly.

Tanktech prepares for tank inspection 

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