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How does a tank cleaning work?

We at Tanktech have created a modern and sustainable method for cleaning tanks and cisterns. Optimizing the cleaning is...

Optimizing the cleaning is of value to the tank owner's process efficiency.

Our equipment consists of a main unit, a diesel-powered steam boiler and a storage tank. Through customized solutions, the equipment can be scaled up or down depending on the project.

Tanktech's system is implemented in three stages:

  1. The bottom layer in the cistern is heated, whereupon it becomes liquid and can be taken out of the tank. If desired, it is possible to return the contents of the sediment to production.
  2. With the help of a hanging washing robot, water and a high pressure are combined to clean the cistern or tank.
  3. All liquid used for cleaning is simultaneously sucked out to an external tank where water is separated from oil. The water that remains is reused in the cleaning process.

Why is it important to clean rock rooms?

Most people who work with cisterns and tanks know that they need to be inspected at regular intervals. While waiting for the inspection to take place, the tanks or cisterns need to be cleaned, so that all aspects that the inspection control will touch can be examined.

We at Tanktech offer partly the equipment for a modern, sustainable tank cleaning - and partly training in how to use our system. You will discover that Tanktech is better - for your finances, environment and health.

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