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What does cistern control mean?

Cistern control refers to the inspection of cisterns, which the cistern owner must carry out by law. Tanks containing flammable goods, such as...

Tanks that contain flammable goods, such as diesel oil, heating oil and waste oil, and have a volume that exceeds 1 m3 must, according to Swedish law, be checked at regular intervals. The interval is either three, six or twelve years depending on a number of factors:

  • Type of cistern
  • Treatment externally and internally
  • If it is located within a water source protection area

 The point of the inspection is to avoid emissions into nature and maintain a high level of safety.

The inspection examines, for example, whether there has been damage or corrosion and what type of protection is present – ​​paint or plastic, and how the quality of the protection looks. You also look at all pipes, connections and wires and that they close tightly.

Who can carry out the tank inspection? 

Only companies that are accredited according to SWEDAC may carry out the tank inspection - which must be based on the laws and regulations that apply. For each cistern, an inspection report is written that the customer receives, this must then be saved until the cistern in question is taken out of service.


Shorter setup time before tank inspection with Tanktech 

Prior to the cistern inspection, each cistern must be cleaned properly. This can lead to long downtimes while waiting for the inspection to be carried out, downtimes that often mean financial loss for the tank owner.

With Tanktech's method for cleaning cisterns, you reduce downtime and thus make a financial profit.

Do you want to know more about our method and how we can help you? Welcome to contact us at Tanktech!