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What's the difference between entry and no entry?

When you clean tanks and cisterns with Tanktech's method, you do it through "no man entry". By that we mean that the approach for our system means that no human needs to be in the tank during the main part of the cleaning, which has traditionally been the case. Read on to learn more about the difference between the methods – and how you can benefit from choosing the right one.


Cleaning tanks and cisterns has always been associated with hard work and difficult working conditions. The traditional way is to put on a white protective coverall and enter the tank to dig out all the slag products by hand and then manually hot water rinse the surfaces. Inside the tank, the environment is dark and low in oxygen. We at Tanktech consider this method outdated. This method may require scaffolding to reach from floor to ceiling. 

No entry

Tanktech's method for cleaning tanks and cisterns is through no man entry. This means that the cleaning is not carried out by hand – no one needs to be inside the tank during removal of slag and sediment or for flushing. Instead, the entire clean-up is carried out externally - better for both the work environment and the result. The fact is that our method is faster right from the start, and thus also results in shortened set-up times and a smaller need for cleaning workers. Our method can flush from floor to ceiling without the need for scaffolding. Manual drying of heating coils and internal pipe systems may need to take place depending on the design of the tank. 

 We develop, manufacture and rent cleaning equipment for tanks, cisterns and rock rooms.

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